Delivery Options


When buying parts abroad, pay attention to: the location of the seller of the selected part, delivery costs to your destination.

Terms of payment. Most often, prepayment by TT bank transfer, payment by credit card or Pay-Pal is required.

Useful when ordering is our catalogs with part numbers, diagrams, and dealer prices for comparison at:

Our transport costs are always lower because we import more parts at once.

Air transport is the fastest but the most expensive. The waiting time for delivery is 5 to 14 days, Whereas road and sea transport are much cheaper, but the waiting time is 7 to 30 days.

To the prices of the purchased parts, the following should be added: – The cost of delivery to your address. – Our commission on the purchase and transport of parts is concuret. – This covers our order fulfillment costs finding the right part at he lowest possible price, purchase as close as possible, arranging delivery in the cheapest way.

Shipment, delivery:

In order to find out about retail delivery costs, we suggest contacting international carriers such as:

The prices of the purchased parts should include additional costs depending on the legal regulations in the your country, such as:
  • Customs duty for parts,usually 3-5%
  • VAT ?? %,
  • and the fee for customs clearance if needed.
If you are interested in buying used parts at lower prices, directly from recycling companies, please contact our company by