Damaged, salvage cars

Before deciding to buy a car after accident, or damaged in different ways, the customer should evaluate condition of choosen vehicle not only relying on the photographs, but also on the opinions of professionals from local body shops and car mechanics. Based on their views and assessment of the damage you can predict the final price that is worth paying in the United States. The selection of cars at auctions is carried out personally by the purchaser and only at his/her own risk. A description of each vehicle taken from the database is very brief, sometimes limited to few words, and it should not be taken into account in deciding on purchase. Auction does not release any additional information about offered cars nor their damage, because don’t have a such information.

All damaged vehicles are sold without warranty. Please pay attention to the legal-formal status of the vehicle. Some of cars, regardless of their damage level, are referred as not rebuildable and can only be sold for the purpose of the dismantling for parts by recycling companies. Determining the final sales price of the car is done after bidding is completed. To final price please include auction fees and import charges widely described in the “How it works” section.

For those interested in damaged vehicles, we present the 3 largest car auctions worldwide. In total, they offer over 400,000 damaged vehicles at bargain prices every day, and these vehicles are designed either for repair, rebuilding or for parts.