Payment options

Even with all the available financing options, buying a car with cash could be a great choice. Lower Price, Lowest Prices. Secure payment. How to buy for less than pay in a safe way.
How it Works

You can find great deal in advertising magazines from private owner, from dealer car lot or at Auctions where dealers buy good cars for wholesale price. To buy this way you have to   be ready with cash in your bank account.

After you decide to buy chosen car or purchased one at the Auction you will receive proforma invoice with full description of seller, his bank account number and description of a car. The safest way to pay for will be TT Telegrafic Transfer, just simple wire transfer from your bank account to seller account. International wire transfer usually will take 2-3 days. Loco transfer in same country 1-2 days. Fast bank services is available within 30 minutes.

With confirmation of payment you can go to pick up purchased vehicle or order delivery via transport broker like our company.

Because you will not be making any interest payments on a car you buy with cash, you will end up paying a lot less for the vehicle overall. When you get financing, the finance or leasing company uses the interest to make money on your purchase.

Paying cash for a vehicle. Paying cash is the best way to pay for a car.

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