Export/import Vehicle documentation​

Each country has its own regulations regarding property rights, forms of transferring property rights to the next buyer, and separate requirements and regulations for the export of vehicles.

We suggest that you read these regulations carefully before purchasing a car or rely on experienced dealer or broker. This can protect you from a situation where a legally purchased vehicle in another country is not allowed into the buyer’s country because of the description or phrase written on its document – title of ownership such as “salvage unrebuildable” or “certificate of destruction”.

The car may look like new, but will never be registered in the buyer’s country, and it may even be confiscated by customs officials as, for example, environmentally hazardous waste. The fact that you are buying a vehicle in a currently visually satisfactory condition does not constitute any guarantee, e.g. that the vehicle in question has not been previously flooded with water during a flood or has been canceled by insurance companies and by local law as it will never fit again  for use on public roads. and an annotation about it was written on his title deed.

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Often, such vehicles are sold at auctions, where buyers run through offers without getting acquainted with the history of a given vehicle and its documents.

There are two main ways to avoid this problematic situation. The first is to entrust the purchase and bringing to an experienced dealer in charge, and the second, only possible in the USA, is to purchase vehicle history reports from information services such as Carfax or Autocheck.

A separate case is the issue of approval and related documents, for example: COC required almost everywhere in the European Union. You can find out more about approval and other related topics in our information section.Some cars from Auctions  may only be used for parts. They can also be detained at the border as illegally shipped waste.

We suggest that you purchase a damaged or crashed vehicle only after having checked the documentation by an experienced dealer.