Cars from USA or Canada

We offer the largest selection of vehicles at the lowest prices ,then deliver them to your door. Read on if you are seriously interested in buying a car.

You can choose a car yourself, using the search engines available below on this page and the following ones describing other car markets. You can also use our help in finding a specific vehicle by sending an e-mail to

Before making a decision about buying a car, you can obtain detailed information about a specific vehicle by decoding its VIN  using a FREE Decoder:

The vehicle history you can check by purchasing a Vehicle History Reports like, e.g:

The cost of such a report ranges from $10 to $40. In the Report, we can obtain detailed information about any damage, accidents, number of owners or the actual mileage of the selected car.

More information can be obtained by ordering an additional visual inspection and evaluation by a local expert/adjuster. Such an inspection costs from $ 100 to $ 400.

After determining which car you initially decided to buy in the USA, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will help you determine the current wholesale prices for the selected model and together we will determine the details of the entire transaction and the estimated cost of the total import of the selected car.

The main choice is to buy a vehicle from the retail market for a fixed price or from Auctions where the price will be determined during the auction.

Importing cars from USA or Canada

Below we present automotive portals, the most popular of which are:

MotorHomes, Importing cars from USA or Canada

Several million cars are available on these portals every day, ready for immediate sale. This huge supply and price competition mean that the prices are very low and the choice is the greatest. It is more risky to purchase from a private person, e.g. through an auction portal: It is more advantageous for exporters to buy a car at Auto Auction at wholesale, net prices: There are over 300 auctions in the USA, the largest of which are: USA and USA Unfortunately, bidding access on these auctions is only possible through dealers, for example with our help.