Dubai cars export

For many years, we have been helping in the purchase of cars from Dubai, UAE. We handle transport to the buyer’s address, arranging all export and import formalities along the way.

Currently, we also offer transport of cars to Dubai.

Cars in Dubai are well-equipped, with many unique and newest models hard to find in other countries.

It is worth comparing the purchase prices of cars from Dubai with those offered in Europe or America in the USA or Canada. You can save a lot of money, especially if you plan to buy a sport car or an expensive, modern SUV.

The specification of cars from DUBAI, the so-called GCC, is very similar to the European versions and does not require any modifications that are necessary for cars imported from the USA. This also reduces the final cost of import and allow easy registration.

For those interested in buying a car from Dubai, we provide below a few links to the largest car portals in this region offering many vehicles at very attractive prices and mostly with zero TAX when buying a car for export.

For those interested in buying a car from Dubai, we provide below a few links to the largest car portals in this region offering many vehicles at very attractive prices and mostly with zero TAX when buying a car for export.

Auctions of used cars in Dubai are so far not very popular.

An example of a used car auction with little numbers of cars offered:

The Copart Auction offers a wide range of unique, exotic and sports cars at bargain prices 24/7.

As an authorized Copart Auction dealer, we can help you to buy at this Auction  or only transport the purchased car as requested to your country.

The most profitable is to buy new cars for export in the Dubai duty free zone without taxes at the net price. It is worth checking the availability of the selected model and the price. Most of the prices are negotiable.

Before making a purchase, we help you to verify the offer. It consists in checking the offer validity and its compliance with the description in the advertisement.

We will check :

As next we check the technical condition and the condition of the car body. We test the thickness of the paint coating on the car with a special sensor, which allows to detect whether and which element has been repainted before. This proves whether the car has been in an accident before, or is it accident-free.

Cars from Dubai UAE

The  inspection is carried out by our local representative in Dubai, who has extensive experience in the purchase of cars, their repairs and servicing.

An additional test is performed with the most modern OBD II scanner with a diagnostic interface, which allows to detect other hidden problems, e.g. engine.

Our assessment of the car’s condition is always objective, sometimes it is negative and we suggest that you find another car.

On special request, we deliver the selected car for re-inspection and inspection at an authorized service station of a given brand, e.g. to a Ferrari dealer. Such inspections cost from 400 to even 1300 USD and generally do not add anything new than what we found during our inspection.

Vehicle inspection details  are sent by e-mail or WhatsApp to the person interested in the purchase. In addition, it is worth buying a Report with the history of a given vehicle along with an assessment of its current market price.

After making the decision to buy the selected car, we check whether it is encumbered with a lien, loan, leasing or whether there are any fines to pay in the Salik system in the RTA. It happens that before obtaining a permit for export, purchaser must first pay several thousands of AED traffic penalty.

After checking all, we can apply to RTA for an Export Certificate then after obtaining it, we can start organizing delivery to the port, loading into a container and loading onto a ship.

If you buy a crash car according to your choice, we can help you with the purchase and delivery of parts needed for its repair, even in the same container together.

After delivery to the chosen port we assist in customs clearance by providing all the necessary documents and translations. Clearance can be made directly to a private buyer or to our company. When buying through our company, you receive a  invoice, which allows interested parties to lease or apply for a loan the selected car.

We provide our comprehensive services without additional intermediaries and we offer them at the lowest possible prices. We deliver the vehicle in the shortest time in insured container transport. Transport prices due to fuel price increases so for the current transport price and other costs, please contact us by e-mail at