Shipping cars overseas

International car shipping

Transporting cars overseas in containers by ship between continents is the most popular method available on the market. The ship’s journey from ports across the Atlantic takes around 15-30 days. In Roll on – Roll off sea transport cars travel on an intercontinental journey on a ship specifically designed to carry vehicles, which generates lower shipping charges than for container shipping. In this system, the vehicle imported from the States leaves the deck of the ship, which does not require the use of a crane. However, it is required that the car is fully functional and capable of independently entering the ship on wheels. Customs clearance takes place before loaded.

The buyer of the vehicle can choose any transport company or use our help in arranging delivery from the place of purchase to the port or to the home address.

Monitoring of the route of the vehicle transported in the container is possible through these websites after entering the container number in the following pages: or The vehicles are generally transported in standard 20 ‘or 40’ sea containers. High Cube HC containers are used if required. Depending on the dimensions of the vehicle and its external dimensions, one container can hold 1 to 4 passenger cars at the same time.

Shipping and Delivery

The freight cost of the vehicle depends on:

  • the port of loading,
  • mode of transport: Ro-Ro on board or in a 20 or 40 feet container,
  • consolidated cargo or a completely owned by a single recipient, FCL
  • number of cars transported,
  • the size and dimensions of the vehicle,
  • the optional cost of cargo insurance,
The average cost of a passenger car freight from the US across the Atlantic Ocean ranges from $ 700 to $ 1,900. The fees include:
  • the cost of export customs clearance in the USA,
  • loading onto the ship
  • fees for delivering the container to the port and unloading from the ship.

This combined cost then enters the customs base from which the duty and VAT are calculated.

Approximate freight time from the US via the Atlantic takes 3-6 weeks depending on the port of loading and the destination port.

After delivering the car to the destination port, it should be reported to customs and then transported to the destination by road, e.g. on a tow truck, car carrier  or on own wheels. We offer comprehensive organization and supervision of the entire process of customs clearance and vehicle transport (door-to-door service).

Why choose  the European port of Bremerhaven?

When clearing customs in Bremerhaven, Germany, you pay a duty of 10% on the value of the car shown on the invoice.

Transporting a car from the USA to port Gdynia in Poland is more expensive by an average of USD 500 compared to the delivery to the port of Bremerhaven in Germany. This cost then enters the customs base from which the duty, VAT and other taxes are calculated.

The average cost of transporting a car by auto transporter or tow truck in Europe is about 0,50 euro per kilometer. The optimal solution is to use our comprehensive service, in which we offer the settlement of all import formalities and fees as well as transport to the indicated address.

Prices for sea freight of cars (in USD) from the ports of Miami, Los Angeles, New York in the USA to selected ports of the world can be checked here….