Import Costs, Tax, Customs duty

Before you decide to buy a car from other country you have to know the costs of import?

Write to us an email at and find out what the current costs of importing the car from abroad will be.

After initially selecting the right car form other country, it is worth starting by checking the exchange rate, e.g .:

Optional You have to add costs :

      • Car inspection  the cost is from 100 USD upwards.
      • Auction or dealer fees
      • Fees for transferring the ownership document
      • Customs clearance
      • Export documentation,
      • Translations
      • Road transport
      • Shipping overseas
      • Delivery to the indicated address

The prices for sea transport apply only to the transport of one typical, accident-free passenger car. Vehicles with larger dimensions are valued after sending us an inquiry with the dimensions or VIN of the vehicle.

Additionally, it is possible to insure the car for the transport period, which costs 1-2% of its value. Accident-free car insurance for the time of sea transport is not included and is not necessary but suggested.

      • Fee for each wire bank transfer, e.g. to an Auction in the USA, payable 50 USD
      • Storage costs depending on the number of days on average 20 USD / day.
      • Plus a $ 50 wire transfer fee for the transportation.
      • The cost of transport is calculated based on the size and technical condition of the vehicle.
      • Port fees for unloading and customs clearance depend on the destination port and customs agency. The average cost is 300-500 EURO.
      • The cost of delivery from the port to the place of residence depends on distance.
      • Our commission for our assistance, brokerage and transaction processing (assistance in buying from the Auction, brokerage in transports and customs clearance) costs from $ 100 and up. The specific amount will be determined after reviewing the scope of activities listed in the inquiry / order.
Additionally, as an option, you can also use additional paid services, e.g.
      • Purchase the History Report of the selected vehicle. Cost 10-40 USD
      • Inspection at an authorized service center or franchised dealer of the selected brand $ 100-1200
      • Negotiations with the dealer before the purchase. We always manage to negotiate a lower amount, and thus this service is cost-free.

Similarly, when buying a new car with our help, we can always buy it at a discounted price  as a wholesale dealer, broker. Then it will reduce your final cost.

Due to the current changes in fuel, transport prices and the shortage of shipping containers we have to determine the current costs on the date of purchasing the vehicle.

After delivery to your Country, an additional customs duty could be added plus loco Tax, depend on Government rules established in your country.

The last costs related to import are:

      • inspection at a Vehicle Inspection Station
      • registration fee
      • insurance policy – cost depends on many factors.

The cost of purchase, transport, customs and tax costs will be each time agreed in writing by e-mail before the order is processed.

Send your  “Inquiry about the cost and conditions of import for chosen car” to