New Cars from USA, EU, CA, UAE

The logos below with links to manufacturers websites in the US can be helpful in selecting the latest models of new cars.

After choosing specific criteria of the car from the websites like: brand, model, vehicle interior and exterior colors as well as equipment you should receive a total price of the new car with prefered options.

You can easily compare prices for the same car from the USA and from your country.

Our calculator will calculate additional costs of imports and will help you to make the right decision.

Helpful links to manufacturers websites: New cars from USA

Klasyki, samochody zabytkowe

New Cars in Europe

Sprowadzanie samochodów z Dubaju

For customers interesting to buy a new car in the European version as a broker, we offer to purchase through us at a lower price than is generally available to the retail customer. When buying large quantities, we can purchase with a much higher discount and therefore we can offer our customers a lower final price.

An additional advantage is the much shorter waiting time for a new car than it is practiced at authorized dealers of the brand.
Detailed offer will be sent to interested after receiving the inquiry form on offer with a version of the vehicle and the extra equipment options.

Examples of car brand where we offer discounts up to 20%. 

New Cars in Canada

However, for customers who are interested in buying a new car in the Canadian version, we offer the purchase through us as an intermediary.

Examples of car brands for which we offer discounts of up to 20%: New cars from Canada