How it Works

How it Works

Security deposit

Security deposit before bidding at Auto Auction:

      • Security deposit of a minimum of USD 600 or 10% of the planned purchase is required by almost all Auto Auctions.
      • Deposit will be refunded, unless the prospective buyer does not purchase any vehicle.
      • Deposit will be lost, if the buyer/bidder on the vehicle does not make payment for it within a specified period of 48 hours

We accept payments method listed below:

      • Wire transfer, TT,
      • Paypal, you can send security deposit direct to our Paypal account .

VIN Decoder, History Reports, Inspections

VIN Decoder – important tool when importing cars and motorcycles;

Cars produced after 1982 have a VIN Vehicle Identification Number. After entering the 17-character VIN number, you will see the model year, make, model and technical data of the vehicle.


Depending on the origin of the car, you can use several free decoders, e.g .:

For cars from the USA, and Canada: or

Cars from Europe: or

You can decode for free  the VIN number of cars of the following brands: AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, and VOLKSWAGEN at:

Similarly for other brands on similar websites, e.g .:

Homologation, COC

A COC (Certificate of Conformity) is a declaration of the conformity with the type approval of EC. The purpose of this document is to ensure the free movement of goods within the European Union, specifically for those goods that are subject to homologation and registration.

A COC is a producer’s declaration that the vehicle complies with the given approved type. This document contains information about the vehicle and its producer’s identification, type approval number, technical specifications and other data. The content of a COC is defined by EU regulation (Amendment IX, Regulation 92/53). Vehicles without the EU specification (e.g. vehicle manufactured for the U.S. or Japanese market) and older vehicles that have not been given the type approval of the EC yet, do not have an existing COC. Similarly, it is not possible to issue a COC for converted vehicles. A COC is only obtainable for passenger vehicles, motorcycles and tractors.

Homologation is the term for the whole vehicle approval process. An approval is a government-issued certificate that allows a product to enter a market. Certification by a country that a good (usually equipment goods) conforms to its safety and security standards. Certification is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory technical & safety requirements as notified by the respective Government

The European Homologation is the homologation that each state of the European Union can issue, following a request by the manufacturer and on the basis of the positive results, after the controls carried out by the entities in charge, by sending a copy to all member states.

If you have imported a vehicle from abroad, in most countries you will need the Certificate of conformity to confirm, that it is a European model and can be driven in the traffic without the need for any modifications. The registration process of an imported vehicle differs in individual EU countries.

Usually first issuance of the COC is free and the certificate of conformity is delivered when buying brand new car directly from the car dealer. If you are buying a used car, second-hand car, light goods vehicle, scooter or motorcycle, then there is great chance that your COC has already been issued for the first time and every other copy called duplicate is chargeable.

The manufacturer, who has the correct dataset for the COC, charges a price for every other print of the COC. Therefore there is always a price for Certificate of conformity. Certificate of conformity is a document issued solely by car producer / manufacturer. Coc is a document providing information about the vehicle at the moment of its production, that’s why only the manufacturer can have all necessary technical details about it.

If your car was first registered in one of these countries, then the COC is not possible at all because it does not comply with European standards and does not have a European type-approval number. The Certificate of conformity is a proof evidence that a vehicle meets all the requirements set by EU regulations.

Export/import Vehicle documentation

Each country has its own regulations regarding property rights, forms of transferring property rights to the next buyer, and separate requirements and regulations for the export of vehicles.

We suggest that you read these regulations carefully before purchasing a car or rely on experienced dealer or broker. This can protect you from a situation where a legally purchased vehicle in another country is not allowed into the buyer’s country because of the description or phrase written on its document – title of ownership such as “salvage unrebuildable” or “certificate of destruction”.

The car may look like new, but will never be registered in the buyer’s country, and it may even be confiscated by customs officials as, for example, environmentally hazardous waste. The fact that you are buying a vehicle in a currently visually satisfactory condition does not constitute any guarantee, e.g. that the vehicle in question has not been previously flooded with water during a flood or has been canceled by insurance companies and by local law as it will never fit again  for use on public roads. and an annotation about it was written on his title deed.

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Often, such vehicles are sold at auctions, where buyers run through offers without getting acquainted with the history of a given vehicle and its documents.

There are two main ways to avoid this problematic situation. The first is to entrust the purchase and bringing to an experienced dealer in charge, and the second, only possible in the USA, is to purchase vehicle history reports from information services such as Carfax or Autocheck.

A separate case is the issue of approval and related documents, for example: COC required almost everywhere in the European Union. You can find out more about approval and other related topics in our information section.Some cars from Auctions  may only be used for parts. They can also be detained at the border as illegally shipped waste.

We suggest that you purchase a damaged or crashed vehicle only after having checked the documentation by an experienced dealer.

Import Costs, Tax, Customs duty

Before you decide to buy a car from other country you have to know the costs of import?

Write to us an email at and find out what the current costs of importing the car from abroad will be.

After initially selecting the right car form other country, it is worth starting by checking the exchange rate, e.g .:

Optional You have to add costs :

      • Car inspection  the cost is from 100 USD upwards.
      • Auction or dealer fees
      • Fees for transferring the ownership document
      • Customs clearance
      • Export documentation,
      • Translations
      • Road transport
      • Shipping overseas
      • Delivery to the indicated address

The prices for sea transport apply only to the transport of one typical, accident-free passenger car. Vehicles with larger dimensions are valued after sending us an inquiry with the dimensions or VIN of the vehicle.

Additionally, it is possible to insure the car for the transport period, which costs 1-2% of its value. Accident-free car insurance for the time of sea transport is not included and is not necessary but suggested.

      • Fee for each wire bank transfer, e.g. to an Auction in the USA, payable 50 USD
      • Storage costs depending on the number of days on average 20 USD / day.
      • Plus a $ 50 wire transfer fee for the transportation.
      • The cost of transport is calculated based on the size and technical condition of the vehicle.
      • Port fees for unloading and customs clearance depend on the destination port and customs agency. The average cost is 300-500 EURO.
      • The cost of delivery from the port to the place of residence depends on distance.
      • Our commission for our assistance, brokerage and transaction processing (assistance in buying from the Auction, brokerage in transports and customs clearance) costs from $ 100 and up. The specific amount will be determined after reviewing the scope of activities listed in the inquiry / order.

Additionally, as an option, you can also use additional paid services, e.g.

      • Purchase the History Report of the selected vehicle. Cost 10-40 USD
      • Inspection at an authorized service center or franchised dealer of the selected brand $ 100-1200
      • Negotiations with the dealer before the purchase. We always manage to negotiate a lower amount, and thus this service is cost-free.

Similarly, when buying a new car with our help, we can always buy it at a discounted price  as a wholesale dealer, broker. Then it will reduce your final cost.

Due to the current changes in fuel, transport prices and the shortage of shipping containers we have to determine the current costs on the date of purchasing the vehicle.

After delivery to your Country, an additional customs duty could be added plus loco Tax, depend on Government rules established in your country.

The last costs related to import are:

      • inspection at a Vehicle Inspection Station
      • registration fee
      • insurance policy – cost depends on many factors.

The cost of purchase, transport, customs and tax costs will be each time agreed in writing by e-mail before the order is processed.

Send your  “Inquiry about the cost and conditions of import for chosen car” to

Imported car registrations


As a general rule, you are required to register your car in the country where you have your residence.

There is no EU wide law on vehicle registration. The following information reflects the practices in many EU countries.

You can check the rules which apply in your country and the country you are moving to

To register your car, you will have to submit a number of documents:

      • Roadworthiness certificate and proof of roadworthiness
      • Registration certificate
      • Proof of ownership
      • Proof of value-added tax (VAT) payment
      • Proof of Customs duty payment if purchased outside EU
      • Proof of insurance cover
      • Certificate of conformity for new cars

The certificate of conformity ( COC ) is issued by the manufacturer and shows that the technical characteristics of the vehicle meet safety and environmental standards.

Payment options

Even with all the available financing options, buying a car with cash could be a great choice. Lower Price, Lowest Prices. Secure payment. How to buy for less than pay in a safe way.

How it Works

You can find great deal in advertising magazines from private owner, from dealer car lot or at Auctions where dealers buy good cars for wholesale price. To buy this way you have to   be ready with cash in your bank account.

After you decide to buy chosen car or purchased one at the Auction you will receive proforma invoice with full description of seller, his bank account number and description of a car. The safest way to pay for will be TT Telegrafic Transfer, just simple wire transfer from your bank account to seller account. International wire transfer usually will take 2-3 days. Loco transfer in same country 1-2 days. Fast bank services is available within 30 minutes.

With confirmation of payment you can go to pick up purchased vehicle or order delivery via transport broker like our company.

Because you will not be making any interest payments on a car you buy with cash, you will end up paying a lot less for the vehicle overall. When you get financing, the finance or leasing company uses the interest to make money on your purchase.

Paying cash for a vehicle. Paying cash is the best way to pay for a car.

If you have more questions or need advice send to us email to:

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