Security deposit

Security deposit before bidding at Auto Auction:

      • Security deposit of a minimum of USD 600 or 10% of the planned purchase is required by almost all Auto Auctions.
      • Deposit will be refunded, unless the prospective buyer does not purchase any vehicle.
      • Deposit will be lost, if the buyer/bidder on the vehicle does not make payment for it within a specified period of 48 hours

We accept payments method listed below:

      • Wire transfer, TT,
      • Paypal, you can send security deposit direct to our Paypal account .
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Before we start bidding on the Auction of the vehicle selected by the client, a guarantee deposit is required to our account in accordance with the terms of the given Auction.

On request, we send the payment instructions and account numbers or an account in Paypal.

After making the transfer, please send us a confirmation of the bank transfer to the e-mail address: with your details: name, surname, contact telephone number, e-mail address. e-mail, the amount of the deposit transfer made as payment: “DEPOSIT FOR THE PURCHASE OF THE CAR FROM THE US AUCTION”. You have to pay a minimum amount of 10% of the amount for which you intend to purchase the selected vehicle, but not less than the equivalent of USD 600. Then, the order and the brokerage agreement for the purchase and sale of the selected vehicle will be drawn up, in which the terms of the contract will be specified in detail. The contract will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you.

On the second day after winning the auction, you should pay the rest of the price specified in the purchase contract. In order to protect you from penalties for delay and costs for parking the vehicle, we suggest making express SWIFT transfers to the account specified in the contract.

In the event of withdrawal or resignation by you from purchases in the USA and participation in the auction, you must apply for a refund of security deposit . The tender guarantee or guarantee deposit may only be returned to the sender within 14 days from the date of receipt of the written resignation from the concluded contract. Failure to pay on time results in the cancellation of the transaction by the Auction and the loss of the guarantee deposit.