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Motoexim is a passionate team of people with over 20 years of experience in the car industry. We are a global leader in the export of duty-free motor vehicles, specializing in export management. Our company also runs an automotive store with parts for cars from all over the world.

We are a recognized importer of motor vehicles and deliver selected cars at competitive prices. We deliver new tax-free vehicles, the so-called Tax Free from all over Europe, the USA and the UAE. We offer advice and assistance in finding the best offer and mediation in the purchase at the most favorable price.

We are a registered dealer at many car auctions in many countries. This allows us to purchase used vehicles at a net wholesale price.

Thanks to many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the automotive market, we can offer our clients comprehensive services including the purchase and transport of cars. We have experience with the best shipping lines and can obtain the lowest sea freight costs to your destination port.

On our website, we present millions of vehicles ready for export to choose from. We are able to offer favorable prices for transport of purchased cars by road from the place of purchase to the nearest port, as well as delivery by sea in a container or Ro-Ro.

Car prices vary greatly, depending on the automotive market in a given country and local taxes. You can often save a significant amount of money by purchasing abroad, even after adding in all import costs. Each of you can choose a car on your own or with our help.

We organize the purchase of used vehicles from auctions for dealers only at wholesale prices, as well as brand new ones with an additional discount. We have presented the best sources of purchasing a vehicle on our websites.


We can get the lowest net prices and zero taxes when buying cars from the USA, Dubai and Europe.

We import mainly new and used cars, including vintage vehicles, pickup trucks, SUVs, but also other vehicles such as boats, quads, motorcycles, and jet skis.

The cost and purchase price of the car can be compared and calculated in person, and the transport cost can be agreed with us via e-mail.

It is worth checking the prices of buying a car in Germany or other European countries and comparing them with those in the USA or Dubai. Current exchange rates are available on

The advantage of purchasing in Europe are versions with European specification (COC), which are easier to register, service and have access to parts.

On the two largest car search engines in Europe, we have over 3 million retail offers to choose from every day, plus approximately 1 million on auction portals. Helpful links to car search engines are available on our websites.

Cars from Dubai UAE

Our main activity is the global export-import of passenger cars. The most advantageous option for the buyer is the import of vintage cars (oldtimers). It is possible to import vintage cars (oldtimers) free of duty and VAT with a lower import tax of only 7% to Germany.

Our clients are not only car trading companies but also private individuals. We offer comprehensive transport from the place of purchase to the vehicle buyer’s address and arranging complete documentation related to import. We provide additional information regarding the order and purchase of the vehicle by phone and e-mail.

At Motoexim, We offer our services worldwide, ensuring fast and insured transport to the designated port designated by the car buyer.

We mediate in the purchase of cars at wholesale net prices from car auctions for dealers. The cars sold there are offered by leasing companies, banks and insurance companies. The advantage of purchasing from the Auction is that these are vehicles from reliable sources, with many photos and a detailed description by a car appraiser. We can commission an inspection of the selected car before its purchase by an appraiser in any country.

Anyone can choose and buy a car found on a publicly available search engine directly, and just entrust its transport to us. This allows the buyer to find the largest selection of offers and save a lot of money without any special effort.

Scope of our services:

      • Import and export of cars from Germany and other EU countries, the USA, Canada, Dubai and even Korea.
      • Organizing the purchase of cars, at the client’s request, from car auctions or dealers
      • Road transport of the car from the place of purchase to the nearest port
      • Sea transport of cars in a container or Ro-Ro to a port in the buyer’s country.
      • Customs clearance in the country of purchase and import clearance in the destination country
      • Completing import documents.
      • Vehicle insurance for the period of transport.
      • Report of inspection and visual inspection by an appraiser.
      • Photographic documentation of the vehicle in the port warehouse
      • Technical inspection, conversion, modifications necessary for registration


Buy cars with cash for lower prices, secure payments via wire transfer. Avoid interest.

Leading tax-free vehicle exporter to Europe, Africa, and Asia since 1996.

With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand and option to bulk buying.
Trusted by a community of thousands of users since 1996.

20 Years of Excellence in Tax-Free Car Export

A trusted global leader in used car import-export, Motoexim is absolutely wonderful! offers a vast selection of quality vehicles at unbeatable prices. With a dedicated team and worldwide reach, they ensure complete customer satisfaction and safe, efficient deliveries.